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Social Media Marketing Tidbits

Step-By-Step Social Media Marketing Strategy Every Website Owner Needs To Know

Step-by-Step action plan on how to get started with Social Media Marketing. This social marketing plan contains an outlined strategy for your social media marketing including what to do, how to do, what to monitor and what social media sites you shou…

Where Social Media Marketing Fits In Your 2012 Budget? – Customer Think (blog)


Where Social Media Marketing Fits In Your 2012 Budget?Customer Think (blog)Regardless of what marketers say about social media, the rubber hits the road at budget time when they have to put their money where their mouth is. For B2B marketers, social …

Customers bite back by using social media – Business – Macon.com

http://www.macon.com/15h ago

"There's been a change in the balance of power," said Glynn Mangold, a professor of marketing and emerging technologies at Murray State University. "There's power in numbers," said Kansas State University marketing professor Kevin Gwinner. "Communication has been democratized.". Fast and loud.

A pet cause goes public – The Daily Journal – thedailyjournal.com

http://www.thedailyjournal.com/Jan 13

"We're seeing shelters getting very, very creative in marketing their animals on social media and creating incentives for people to consider adoption first," Fricke said.

State of Social Media Marketing: New Report | Social Media Today


State of Social Media Marketing: New Report on Top Areas For Social Marketing Investment and Biggest Social Marketing Challenges We are excited to share our annual report on the State of Social Media Marketing – Top

5 Ridiculous B2B Social Media Marketing Myths | Social Media B2B


With the gradual adoption of social media marketing for B2B companies, some misconceptions and myths about B2B social media have been born.

Social Media 2011

Looking back on Social Media in 2011 and looking forward to the New Year.

What Will 2012 Mean for Social Media? – TIME


TIMEWhat Will 2012 Mean for Social Media?TIMEBy Graeme McMillan | @graemem | December 29, 2011 | + On the one hand, it’s easy to predict where social media’s going over the next 12 months: more of the same, with the sublime, ridiculous and mundane oc …

Five Tips For Your 2012 Social Media Strategy – PCWorld


ESPNFive Tips For Your 2012 Social Media StrategyPCWorldBy Angela West, PCWorld Whether you run a business employing one person or work for a corporation of 250000, you’ll need a social media strategy for 2012. As more people embrace Twitter, Faceboo …

2011 Social Media Hits and Misses


It was a year where a ton (perhaps too much) attention was given to social media. While it's relatively old in internet years, every day brings more people.

5 Social Media Favorites from 2011 | Social Media Today


The sun is about to set on 2011. The Social Media Rocket is moving at warp speed. Let's take a look back at some Social Media Favorites. Well, at least they were some of my favorites.

2011 Social Media Marketing Reading List | Heidi Cohen


In 2011, social media marketing continued to grow across businesses regardless of type (B2C, B2B, not-for-profit or solopreneur) or size. Evidence of the maturing of social media marketing was the explosion of books on the

Social Media 2011

An animated video about the rapid growth of social media and it’s impact on the world. [email protected]

5 Hottest Mobile Marketing Tips

Mobile marketing is the quickest way entrepreneurs can use to grow their businesses. To start with the industry is growing fast. According to Mobile Marketing Association, advertising spending will grow to $5 billion by 2015. In addition, 8 trillion text messages are expected to be sent in 2011. These trends, coupled with the fact that globally mobile handset are about 5.3 billion, makes mobile marketing an easier and faster way entrepreneurs can embrace to grow their businesses. However, most people are not aware how to use this industry to expand rapidly. Here are some tips.

Find out what phones your customers have.

Knowing the type of phones your clients have gives you a big marketing edge. Smart phones and ordinary phones have different capabilities. The marketing approach you would use with either type is different. You can start by doing a survey of your customers’ phone types. However, one in three users in the US has a smart phone and their numbers are increasing rapidly.

Find out how they use their phones.

This is important because it will help you avoid irritating your clients. Some people prefer to use phones for text only while others combine both text and voice. Others use their phones to surf the net and keep in touch with friends and relatives by email and social media networks. You could annoy customers who like text by calling them. You could become friendlier if you link up with your customers on Facebook. Having this knowledge of how customers prefer to use their devices will give you the correct arsenal to effectively conquer your market.

Always have a call to action.

Mobile marketing is not like TV or Newspaper marketing. Most mobile users are spontaneous. So ask them to call, send a text or visit your store. Your marketing should never be left hanging. It is futile to send a text that has no instructions or directions to users.

Create a mobile version of your website.

A mobile website gives you a marketing edge. People are buying more and more smart phones that are able to effectively read mobile websites. Mobile searches give results by prioritizing local companies. Meaning that if you search using a phone, you will get different results when in New York and in Los Angeles. In addition, Google is able to detect the type of phone being used for the search. And will give priority to websites that will be read best with the device.

Something else to note is that mobile searchers are motivated people. They use their phones to get information that they need to use immediately. They may be looking for direction to your restaurant. They could be looking for an item they need to buy right away. If you have no mobile websites, you could be missing these opportunities.

Give opt in priority.

You should never stop asking people to opt in. A mobile list is one of your best assets and you should constantly grow it. When people opt in, they give you permission to communicate with them. Legally you have no right of sending marketing information to people who bought from you if they have not consented. The fines are punitive and to avoid this, entice clients to opt in and send out marketing messages that are beneficial to your target audience.

Mary Wilhite is a Mobile Marketing Specialist, also known as the Mobile Marketing Queen. Teaching small businesses, entrepreneurs, and internet marketers how to attract better customers with mobile marketing devices. Get her newest book today. Just click here http://www.amazon.com/Mobile-Marketing-Bible-1/dp/1466426101/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1320573064&sr=8-1

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Technology Innovations to Help Your Business Connect With New and Existing Customers

Hot off the Press!

Click the pic to read an article from the Sept./Oct. issue of “B2B Magazine” It’s titled “Technology innovations to help your business connect with new and existing customers,” and features yours truly.

Just tootin’ my own horn.

Thanks for the great interview Melinda Zemper, President, Oak Tree Communications, LLC

Three Advertising Myths of Facebook

Many people think that advertising on Facebook is easy – all you have to do to be big on the Internet is to set up a fan page and everything else will come together. The sad thing is, Facebook marketing involves a lot of work. In the same way that you would build a reader base for your blog, you need to do a lot of “legwork” when you’re marketing on Facebook.

Now we’re going to share three advertising myths about Facebook that many companies believe to be true, but which actually aren’t:

MYTH: If you build a fan page, they will come.
One of the biggest myths that companies new to Facebook marketing believe is that once they get their fan page up and running, people will naturally flock to it. On the contrary. The real-and hard-work in Facebook marketing happens after you build a fan page.

It’s easy to put up a fan page. You only have to fill in important details such as your company website address and contact info and upload a photo or a corporate logo. But for a fan page to gain fans, you need people-Facebook users-to “like” your page. How do you do that if you don’t let people know about the existence of this Facebook page?

You can gain more fans and followers by advertising your Facebook page. Link your website to your fan page and vice versa. Encourage business employees to add a link to your Facebook page to their e-mail signatures. Linking your Facebook page on Twitter and in your blog helps to build awareness, too. You can also gain more fans by posting a targeted ad or by suggesting that your Facebook contacts “like” your fan page.

MYTH: If fans like my brand, they will start a discussion.
Fans won’t start talking until there’s something to talk about. How can you get your fans talking? First you have to initiate the conversation. You can do this by posting status updates, photos, videos, or anything related to your brand. You can also ask your fans a question to get them to answer, or you can hold a contest and offer a gift to encourage Facebook fans to be more active in your fan page. Don’t forget that the advertising of your Facebook contest will help to bring in more participants.

MYTH: What people say about my brand on Facebook doesn’t matter.
Many brick-and-mortar companies, not understanding the power of social media, shrug off the complaints that they come across on social network sites such as Facebook, dismissing these as just chatter. What these companies fail to realize is that on Facebook, everyone has a voice and that anything posted by a Facebook user will be seen by hundreds of friends. These complainers may not be celebrities and they may not matter to your brand, but their opinion of you will be seen by hundreds of their friends. What they say will influence their friends’ idea about a brand, person, or entity. That in itself is a form of company advertising on Facebook – only negative. The lesson? Listen to what your fans have to say, and do something about it.

In the same way that you need to take care of your offline relationships, it’s also important that as a brand, you take care of your online relationships with your fans and followers. Listen to them. Engage them. Get to know them better. Pick their minds. You will find that marketing your brand on Facebook will not only expand it online, but you will also pick up ideas that can help you improve your business.

Facebook, with its over 500 million active members can be the difference between a thriving business or one that fails because it never got off the ground. Advertising on Facebook to boost your business is easy and if you like social networking it can be fun.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Brandon_Sharp

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