Facebook is the number one most popular website in 2010

It may come as no surprise, but the numbers are in, and Facebook is the number one most popular website in 2010.

According to data compiled and analyzed by Experian Hitwise, Facebook topped the searches list for the second year. Variants of its name taking four of the top 10 searches – “Facebook”, “facebook login”, “facebook.com” and “www.facebook.com.”

According to the data, Facebook-related searches accounted for 3.48 percent of searches overall.

Facebook toppled Google from their perch as the most visited site, accounting for 8.93 percent of all U.S. visits between January and November 2010. Google.com, last year’s most popular site, ranked second, followed by Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! and YouTube.

Facebook Tops List

And just in case you happened to be vacationing on Mars, you would be unaware that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was named Time Magazine’s 2010 “Person of the Year.”

Not a bad year for Facebook.

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