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If you’ve ever wanted a clear picture of how social media works across the various networks, have a look at this clever infographic.

This visual guide to online marketing is well worth printing out and pinning prominently within sight for quick and easy reference.
That is – if you want to succeed with your online marketing efforts.

With over 60 billion photos hosted, Facebook is by far the largest photo sharing site in the (known) universe! The number of photos hosted by Facebook is expected to explode to the 100 billion mark by this summer, 2011.
Heck, the closest competitors, Photobucket and Picasa come in at 8 billion and 7 billion respectively.
I bet you have pictures that you share with your friends on Facebook.
Check out this fascinating info-graphic for the details.

Check out this info-graphic depicting the distribution of social media marketing spending in 2010.

Social media marches on . . .
Check out these amazing statistics that validate the continued growth, importance, and influence of social media in our society.